Acne Treatment Franklin

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Acne is a difficult process to improve because it involves four processes in the skin:

  • Excess oil production
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation
  • Dead Skin Cells

That is why treating acne takes a multi treatment approach. Dr. Fatseas uses laser IPL treatments, chemical peels, PCA skin care products and Silkpeel Dermalinfusions to treat acne.

This unique and effective treatment program has been proven by Dr. Fatseas and his patients. The program has been designed as a 14 week experience which includes all necessary treatments and PCA skin care products. Everything is included and proven to fight off even the most difficult cases.

Where other procedures have failed, Dr. Fatseas succeeds. Whether you are dealing with adult acne or trying to improve your adolescent’s complexion, let Dr. Fatseas help you obtain the clear, beautiful skin you desire.

Acne Tree showing the causes and cures of acne. Immune System, Inflammation, Stress, Bacteria, Dead Skin Cells, Oil Production etc.

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