Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Franklin

Couple with Bioidentical hormone replacement therapyThe natural effects of aging combined with the symptoms of menopause can show on the skin and can cause men and women to look and feel older than their years. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is one of the new age natural solutions to improve the general health of an individual and delay the effects of aging.

The body’s hormone levels go down with age, and BHRT is a unique process to replenish the loss of healthy hormones that are essential for the body to function with its full vigor and vitality. BHRT makes use of bio-identical hormones rather than bio-similar or artificial hormones to achieve the most natural results. Each molecule of bio-identical hormones is exactly the same as natural body hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

This hormone replacement therapy will be performed by Dr. Fatseas, an expert who will evaluate the individual needs of the patient and create a customized medical plan to restore the essential hormones in the body. Beyond symptomatic relief, it can also help to promote anti-aging and enhance the overall appearance of the patient.

Integrated Approach to BHRT

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a safe and effective procedure which can help reduce the signs of men’s andropause, women’s menopause, perimenopause, and stress-induced adrenal fatigue.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is also important with BHRT. However, without therapy, a wholesome lifestyle and healthy diet alone cannot improve the imbalanced hormone levels in the body. Your body will respond optimally to a balanced diet and exercise when it is combined with a scientific replacement of hormones. This integrated approach can restore the body’s natural glow, beauty, energy, and vitality. Dr. Fatseas will integrate the therapy with a nutrition and fitness regimen to achieve the desired results in the healthiest possible manner.

Essential BHRT Care

When Dr. Fatseas provides BHRT, he will undertake a comprehensive review of the patient’s symptoms, medical history, family history and lab results with respect to menopause and other hormonal issues. The patient’s personal lifestyle and degree of activity are also considered. The therapy is then customized upon the individual patient’s needs.

One of the additional unique aspects of the approach that Rejuvenation Plastic Surgery utilizes in providing BHRT is that we collaborate on each patient with Kimberly Roberts, PharmD, our expert compounding pharmacist. Mrs. Roberts is also involved in consultation with patients and collaboration with Dr. Fatseas in customizing an individualized treatment regimen for each patient.

The treatment will be followed by periodic evaluations, nutritional planning, fitness program, and stress reduction techniques. This is a completely natural, safe, and integrated approach to hormone replacement, and can effectively address the issues related to general vitality, menopause and andropause symptoms, and early aging.

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